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Introducing GIS for conservation

A GIS beginner course for wildlife conservation professionals and students, built by Dr Lucy Tallents for VerdantLearn

Welcome to this short beginner course on GIS for wildlife conservationists!

This course was created as Lucy Tallents’ commitment to Open Education for a Better World 2021

The course will run from Monday 14 June to Sunday 11 July 2021

Each week contains a range of activities that should take you 4-5 hours to complete, including:

  • Discussion
  • Hands-on GIS exercises
  • Reading and reflection
  • Mini assignments

Each module’s pages will be published on the Friday before the module begins

If you complete all of the assignments, you will be eligible for a certificate of course completion

:point_up: You can navigate through the course using the menu at the top of this page

This course is authored and taught by Dr Lucy Tallents, director of VerdantLearn. For more information about Lucy, see her LinkedIn profile or blog

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