Datasets for the gibbon case study

If you don’t have field data of your own to work with, you can use our example dataset on black crested gibbon surveys. These datasets can also be downloaded from the course pages where they first appear, but we’ve gathered them together here for your convenience

Clicking on the links to .zip files should open a ‘Download’ pop-up in your browser, asking you where to save the file. Other links take you to websites where you download data directly

Module 1

  1., containing:
    1. GibbonSightings_Survey1.geojson
    2. NomascusConcolor_Distribution.shp
    3. Landcover.tif

Module 2

  1., containing:
    1. OpenStreetMap_CheTao.osm
    2. VNM_Cover.qml - QGIS style file to improve symbology of the coarse grain Landcover layer from DivaGIS
  2. DivaGIS data downloads: Roads (shapefile) and Land cover (virtual raster) for Vietnam
  3. Chế Tạo Nature Reserve boundary from Protected Planet:
    1. Click the green Download button
    2. Select SHP, then Non-Commercial use
    3. Unzip the downloaded file
    4. Alongside many other folders/files, you’ll now see Unzip this second .zip file to extract the contents
    5. You can now add the .shp to your QGIS project

Module 3

  1., containing:
    1. GibbonSightings_Survey2.csv
    2. Threats_Evidence.csv

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