Find environmental data

Here are some sources of free environmental data for you to use in your GIS projects

There is a wealth of free data and more is being made available all the time, so it may take time for you to understand what’s available, and how useful it is for you.

Be mindful of the spatiotemporal extent and resolution that you need when searching for data. You’re unlikely to find data that is both high spatial resolution and temporal resolution - usually you have to compromise on one dimension. Detailed habitat suitability maps and species ranges are also rare, often being the product of PhDs or other well-funded research projects

You can explore the datasets by starting from a theme that interests you, a particular dataset that you’d like to acquire, or a repository from which many datasets can be downloaded

If you’d like to contribute new information to our database, please go to the Add new data sources page. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge with our community - thank you! :pray:




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