Climate Action


What action are you taking to tackle the climate crisis?

Lorenzo Ci, Activist/Filmmaker based in Florence, Italy.

I’ve always used storytelling as a tool to connect with other people. Inspired by several examples I came across in the years before I started to act on the local community, around the Florence City area. I launched a Transition Town, inspired by the international Transition network [], inviting my town to invent together solutions to climate change problems. Now the community works very well, check it out at [], it’s all distributed in Creative Commons! :D

Curt Newton, Boston

Do (at least) one thing on climate change every day. A conversation with someone you bump into definitely counts. :green_heart:

Facilitate group conversations about what matters and what works, using the Climate Interactive En-ROADS simulation model []

This simple Venn Diagram from Dr. Ayanna Elizabeth Johnson is a fabulous resource for “I want to do something, not sure what…” conversations []

Lucy Tallents, Biodiversity conservationist, educator and entrepreneur, Belfast

Eating more vegan meals, and using alternatives to dairy milk
Voting for political parties with policies that support tackling climate change
Reducing use of plastics

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