Hackathon description

Our ability to tackle the climate crisis depends on our individual context, our knowledge, and how empowered we feel. What matters is not the precise action we take, but that we form aspirations, identify what to do next, work together to shift the paradigm, propelling ourselves and others into further action. We can succeed in tackling climate change by sharing our knowledge and energy, and fostering our combined ability to sustain and extend hopeful action into the future

As participants in this hackathon, we invite you to:

  1. Share your stories about how the climate crisis is directly affecting you, your loved ones, or your wider community. Tell your story in whatever medium resonates with you (text, images, audio-visual), provided it can be embedded on a web page!
  2. Tell us what actions you are taking individually or collectively to mitigate climate change; small steps or seismic changes, hyper-local or with international impact
  3. Tell us what actions you want to take but haven’t done so yet, what barriers are holding you back, and how the community can help
  4. Compile existing projects and openly-licenced resources on climate stories and action
  5. Share your knowledge of open multi-media repositories and software to capture contributions
  6. Collaborate to select an appropriate licence and citation that recognises the contributions of all, and maximises the potential for re-use


  1. A brief introductory workshop will explain how to contribute via the Cryptpad collaborative documents
  2. You can contribute asynchronously throughout the summit.
  3. At the end of the summit, Lucy Tallents will import our co-created resources here

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