Add a base map

A base map helps you to orient yourself in space, check that your layers are situated in the correction location, and understand your field sites better. We’re going to use Open Street Map for our base map

Add a base map to your QGIS project as follows:

  1. Layer > Add Layer > Add XYZ Layer...
  2. In the XYZ Connections pop-up, click the New button
  3. In the Connection Details pop-up, add Name as OpenStreetMap and URL as{z}/{x}/{y}.png
  4. Click OK, Add and Close
  5. Drag the base map down to the bottom of the Layers panel

Your project should look like this:

QGIS project including base map

Look at that! You’ve created your first QGIS project and learned the basics of navigating around the map, and displaying layers - well done :fireworks:

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