Module 1 assignment

Each module ends with a mini-assignment :white_check_mark: to help you get the most out of this course and identify what might be blocking your progress. You need to submit every assignment to qualify for a certificate of completion. Each assignment includes three parts:

  1. Evidence :information_source: - A screenshot of QGIS showing your progress
  2. Reflection :thought_balloon: - A paragraph describing your experience of the learning activities on this module
  3. Peer feedback :speech_balloon: - A comment on someone else’s assignment

Prepare your assignment

  1. Save a screenshot of your QGIS project after the final exercise. You can use the case study datasets, or your own field data
  2. Write a paragraph briefly describing how this module’s activities have contributed to progress towards your learning goal
  3. If you encountered any problems doing the exercises, you can include how you solved them. If you’re still stuck, seek help in the community forum - see the Getting help page in Preparation above!

Submit your assignment

To submit your assignment, reply to the Module 1 assignment topic in our community forum - see below

Offer feedback to peers

Reply to one or more of the other learners’ assignments. Your reply should include three elements:

  1. Positive feedback: What have they done well?
  2. Suggestion or question: A suggestion for improvement or extending what they’ve done, or a question if there’s something they need to clarify
  3. Reflection: What you’ve learned from their work that you can apply to your own?

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