Learning circles

We invite you to join a learning circle as you study this course. Learning circles are small groups of learners who study together, helping each other by sharing knowledge and support

Studying online can be a lonely and frustrating experience, and there are always distractions when you’re in front of your computer, whether work or amusements. Being part of a learning circle can help motivate you to make time to study, by adding a social dimension and making you accountable to others for your progress

  • If you want to join a circle based on study time, see Study-time circles
  • If you want to form your own circle based on a theme, or with friends, see Themed circles

We will do our best to facilitate learning circle formation, but it is your responsibility to agree when and how you will communicate with each other once your circle is formed

You can communicate however you wish: in the community forum; WhatsApp; video calls, email - it’s your choice

Study-time circles

We suggest you join a learning circle based on your preferred study time, and your time zone, so you know when you’re likely to hear from your circlemates and can organise live study sessions if you wish.

Our study-time circles are each named after an EDGE species: Ecologically Distinct and Globally Endangered. The table below shows 12 overlapping study periods, based on 4-hour slots around the clock with staggered start times in UTC. The current study periods are shown first. Local times should show in your own time zone, but this feature is experimental and may not be working. Go to the matching Topic in the Learning Circles category of our community forum, and reply to alert others to your wish to find study partners. You might wish to say which days of the week you intend to study

Themed circles

If you’re not restricted to a particular study time or you don’t mind delayed responses to your messages, you’re welcome to form your own learning circle based on other things you may have in common, such as working on a particular conservation issue, endangered or invasive species, or for the same organisation/country. Create a new Topic in the Learning Circles category of our community forum, describing the theme of your learning circle and inviting others to join you

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