What we expect from you

As with all learning, what you get out of this course depends on what you put into it.

We ask that you:

  • Be participatory - Join in with all of the suggested activities, including those where you may not be the immediate beneficiary. We aim to build a learning community, and this means giving alongside receiving
  • Be generous - Share your experiences and knowledge with the group. Together we represent a vast array of expertise, and the answer you seek may be found amongst your peers rather than your tutor!
  • Be honest - Tell us if you’re finding something difficult, and let us know if you’re having fun!
  • Be gentle - When you offer feedback and advice, remember that there is another person on the receiving end. Offer praise and encouragement for tasks done well, as well as suggestions for improvement
  • Be respectful - Respect the diversity of opinions, life experiences, language skills and confidence within the group. Accept feedback with the understanding that it is offered to help you improve, not bring you down

We ask that you repay the favour of your free place by taking 10 minutes after the course to complete our evaluation survey. This helps us improve our learning materials, tech choices and teaching approach. Thank you :pray:

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